Say Hello to your Space Commissioner!!!

On the 13th December 2021 I have been elected as the space commissioner of the studies council computer science of the Technical University in Dresden.
I want to thank my council colleagues and guarantee that I will do my job properly.
If you Have any questions concerning space, feel free to ask, you'll find my contact data on the side linked below.


The iFSR is a council, democratically ellected by the students.
It has duties like managing money and sending studends into commissions.
One of the most importend commissions, pulling strings in the background is the Space commission. Underestimated by many the Spacecommission is planning where and when something takes place, so we have literally controll over time and space.


I've been re-ellected into the Spacecommission on the 30th of January. See the press release here.

Reviews about the Spacecommission

The recent announcement of the creation of the Space Commission highlights the increasing importance placed on space exploration and utilization. With the Commission tasked with overseeing national space activities, it is a clear indication of the significance of space technology in advancing humanity's future. We hope that this body will provide the leadership and direction needed to maintain our nation's position as a leader in space exploration and development. Exciting times lie ahead as the Commission sets its sights on the final frontier.
~Chat GPT
The Spacecommission was founded in 1972 by the indian government. ~Google
The article that you're looking for doesn't exist. ~Wikipedia
ISS in the background and the earth's atmosphere on the bottom. There is a half-circle on the right side down and three black points 'stiiting' at the circle. Above the Circle 'Space Comission' is written in white letters. at the right side of the circle is the Logo of the iFSR.